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Lithuanian Citizenship – Breaking the ‘Myths’
This article summarizes the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship.
Tuition fees for EU and non-EU students in European universities
It is no longer a secret that there are great differences between the tuition fees paid by students who are EU nationals and those who are non-EU nationals. Anyone who holds Lithuanian (EU) passport is automatically an EU citizen and thereby entitled to study at any EU university under the same conditions as nationals.
Vilnius featured in UNESCO’s World Heritage Journeys
UNESCO launched the first-ever web platform dedicated to World Heritage and sustainable travel. Supported by the European Union, the platform features 34 selected World Heritage sites spread across 19 European Union countries, and has been developed in collaboration with National Geographic.
Discovering Lithuania as a GBS hub
Lithuania has steadily improved its business environment, making it easier to set up and run a business here. In the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings, we already rank higher than Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as neighboring investment destinations like Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
Benefits Lithuanian Citizenship has for businessmen
When discussing with my clients about the opportunities Lithuanian Citizenship would offer to them, I emphasize that holding Lithuanian (EU) Passport would significantly ease of business doing internationally.
How can your child become Lithuanian (European Union) citizen?
A complete look at two different scenarios will show you more reasons why you should reinstate your LTU Citizenship now rather than waiting for a time when it will involve quite a rigorous process for you and your kids.
Lithuania Is One of the Safest Countries for Tourists in the World
“Lithuania is a safe country for tourists to visit,” as demonstrated by the studies of the World Economic Forum and the Institute for Economics and Peace.
A guest from Singapore shows interest in traces of her ancestral life
Not only the cemeteries and graves of the H­olocaust victims, but also the surviving buildings – ­synagogues, schools, baths and dwelling houses – speak of the large Jewish community that once lived in our country before the war.